It is the year 318AD. In the heart of the Empire, kine and kindred alike carry on with their lives, unaware that within a century, the unthinkable will happen. The ancient city of Rome will fall.

This fate is too far off to be of much consequence to the average peasant laborer or whore; they’ll die within a few years. Vampires, however… may be in for a rude awakening.

Ensconced in Rome, the Camarilla rules the night from the city out to the edges of Empire. Far removed from the workings of the Inner Circle, a younger band of the peregrine collegia (and close allies) may well find opportunity in the chaos to come.

In fact, their Tribune has scored access for the band to a party thrown by one of the Senex’s luminaries, Tertia Julia Comitor; this could be their chance to even out old debts – or pick up new ones, as they try to keep ahead.

There’s only one problem. They haven’t seen their Tribune for several days now.

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A City Thrice Damned

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